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June 6, 2013 by Wayne.

lately, i’ve been failing at too many things for me to keep track of a lesser man would certainly be crushed and i am crushed as fuck, really time to, you know, restructure and refocus and shit and accept the fact that I may never leave this country again also i kind of miss talking to her even though we hardly talked about anything important so i guess she was like that person i used to talk to while she went downstairs to get a glass of water and moaned against her receiver and thrust her hips violently against her fingers and the bed shook and squeaked despite never talking about much at all, i do miss her and the validation she gave me and i hate the fact that my happiness depends on someone else though that isn’t accurate maybe contentedness not happiness ah bloody hell you know what i mean anyway i’m mostly just sick of you pretending not to know when really it’s better this way to compartmentalize and isolate and let it fester and text and call at late night after the fourth round of mixed shots and end up at a responseless number and a dead fb profile that won’t respond then appear later anyway  once you’ve burned through every available option

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