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May 28, 2013 by Wayne.

Ivan Denisovich

wake. though not really because why the fuck is it 7am? go back to sleep.

wake at 9. listen to buckethead.

start boiling pot of cold water, fuck up making mashed potatoes. eat bacon sadly while watching archer and bob’s burgers.

alarm rings – groceries? no thanks, it’s pretty damn hot outside. postpone to later then. skyrim. get bored. football manager. get bored. watch mad men.


go out, try to take a cab, no cab stops. take the bus to mid valley. pass by a group of qts on the way. backtrack. bump into a plump indian lady with a grey pique polo and massive sweat stains. apologize. qts have crossed the road. drop head in anguish. proceed to enter megamall.

eat roasted duck for lunch.

head to NB store.

Shades of gettoasty. God. Feels like a decade ago. All that obsessing over new seasons of W+H, insulting people who require sizing advice on Slim Guy N&Fs, lamenting the perfect fit of Men Without A Country jeans if not for the unfortunate knuckle moose, getting mocked etc, fucking ages ago man.

Buy New Balance shoes anyway. Need em for running. 35% off.

Buy grey pants for work. From Uniqlo. Briefly stare at reflection in mirror and remember staring at my reflection wearing grey pants in Canada, except those were grey fleece sweatpants by Alexander Wang. Wonder about things. About fitting in and finding yourself and if they are synonymous or incompatible or if I should have just waited until these pants go on sale, which happen quite frequently anyway. Speaking of which, the lime green oxford is on sale but there’s no size S available, fucking shitsnacks.

Listen to Indicud and it’s actually pretty good. Fall asleep in the cab back.

Watch Mad Men. Eat dinner. Watch Archer. Noodle on the guitar. Download Southland. Uninstall Crysis 3. Sort comics. Read Dark Avengers volume 1 and 2. Think about life. Alone. Feels. Keep searching for the next brief burst of happiness.

Set alarm for a 7am run.

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