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April 30, 2013 by Wayne.

writing this on the lrt
More like pleb rail transit amirite

Would be great if all universities enforced a one-year study break either before the final or penultimate year of study. Really good for the whole ‘finding yourself’ thing you know?

What I would do in the 12 months:

– ‘European’ scrambled eggs in bacon fat
– short walks in parks at 15C
– read in the comfort of a mini library stocked with stolen books and a guardian cat
– record acoustic faux-folk
– form a shoegaze band built around the interplay of driving basslines and an improvisational drummer – kinda jazz like or some shit. and layer a bunch of effect-bloated guitars on top of that plus female vocals popping out here and there from under the mix
– learn to actually play the guitar
– travel to europe and get odd jobs or some shit and just explore
– work at NGOs
– work at datakind?
– work as a temp at a startup
– sit in during random lectures at a foreign university
– leave malaysia
– eat poutine
– pho
– somethingsomething
– still won’t be happy
– content with searching and staying miserable
– qtgf who fucks another guy while we rent an apartment together and i find out when i wake up and he’s eating out of my cereal bowl
– kidding i dont eat cereal
– cry
– watch all the to-watch movies i have collected
– build PC rigs for people
– build guitar pedals
– learn drums
– learn keybods
– teach english to turtles
– watch neutral mill motel in tokyo
– sleep less
– farm? nah
– find myself
– or something

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