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April 14, 2013 by Wayne.

I last did a reddit roundup quite some time ago; thought I might as well put another one up instead of letting the blog wander around post-less for the next two months (while still undoubtedly racking in views for the FM tactics posts aka the only posts that get read)

Couple of self-links first.

Some delightful Ramsay poetry
On Edmonton, I promise I’ll continue after finals!
Do I still hate Eating Animals? Yes.
Space: football’s final frontier

Aite, now moving on to some interesting links from Reddit:
On girls:

…for real-life companionship, men really don’t care about your extra ten pounds, stretch marks, or asymmetrical eyebrows/boobs/whatever.
They don’t care if you’re an inch taller than they are or wear glasses.
Most men are just happy to have someone soft and warm, smart and funny, interesting and understanding to share their lives with.

UFOs and disinformation

Every person on earth is living as if they are the protagonist in their own little story.

Great post on the current startup & VC scene in the states

What to do if you’re attacked by a pack of dogs

Fighting in ice hockey

Hey, remember that crippled dude who always makes the round of fb?

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