looking for hipster qt3.14, text version


March 30, 2013 by Wayne.

wanted: gurlfrn

physical attributes, in order:
#swedishgoddess, slim but not slenderman, face, legs, butt, hair, mid-to-hip flare

other requirements:
religion-less, smart/witty/both, shares a decent amount of the same interests & views, inquisitive, not a prude (obviously), funny, finds me funny, roughly fits into the taste profile of the sidebar or the older one below:

– Keaton Henson
– The Wooden Wolf
– Radiohead
– Frank Ocean
– Warpaint
– Angus & Julia Stone
– Childish Gambino
– The xx
– Sufjan Stevens
– Elliott Smith
– Mono
– Neutral Milk Hotel
– The Antlers
– The Rural Alberta Advantage
– Silversun Pickups

– Super
– Burn After Reading
– Cloud Atlas
– Under the Skin
– Squid & the Whale
– Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
– Before Midnight
– Safety Not Guaranteed
– A Bittersweet Life
– Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
– Jeff Who Lives at Home
– Jiro Dreams of Sushi

– Freaks & Geeks
– Bob’s Burgers
– Rick & Morty
– Breaking Bad
– Adventure Time
– Thick of It
– Community
– Parks & Recreation
– Gravity Falls
– Black Books
– Archer
– Fargo
– Black Mirror
– Mad Men
– IT Crowd
– Utopia

– Freedom
– Remains of the Day
– PG Wodehouse
– Sophie’s World
– Flowers for Algernon
– His Dark Materials trilogy
– Watchmen
– Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
– Never Let Me Go
– Roald Dahl
– Y:The Last Man

in addition:
– wont dump me over the phone and disappear
– wont dump me due to imagined infidelity
– wont dump me through Facebook and fuck another guy
– food
– songwriting
– political philosophy
– mutual hatred of things
– fashion w/o the self-entitlement and high maintenance
– sleeping
– realizes diamonds are very, very stupid
– walk-in closets
– shower room with horizontal shower heads along the walls
– massive library
– cats
– taking weird photographs
– love maybe
– what’s that though, really
– and maybe you wouldn’t lie so much either
– though you’d still look cute in the brown hoodie
– or when you’d come out while i was waiting and i’d watch you walk over and you’d brush your hair and we’d walk out the doors at the back down on to the road and walk out
– just dont leave again, i guess
all requirements unnecessary if you are any of the following:

tumblr_llz8whhd2O1qbyciro1_500 tumblr_mfs7siRvNl1r3r4ieo1_500 tumblr_mskhn4oFOD1qdovbqo1_500 tumblr_mjwkt2bpZm1qhva1wo1_500 tumblr_n0bguevcp11qb6jeto1_500 1409060517490

please apply at the center of things that will never happen

6 thoughts on “looking for hipster qt3.14, text version

  1. Crystalsak says:

    🙂 I really like what you wrote here. I mean, your style

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