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March 23, 2013 by Wayne.

Live blogging from Macro extra class because I AM FALLING ASLEEP

WordPress iPhone ftw

Now, football manager is a fascinatingly addictive game, and it’s the most realistic footballmanagersim around – but that’s not to say its very realistic.

Focusing specifically on tactics, the setup is a highly stylized abstraction of IRL football. Essentially, all you control is the formation of the transition stage of the game. You can tweak some of the defensive responses and set up each individual player marking, but essentially they still track back in that transition formation – which is incredibly frustrating. I’d love to be able to construct a proper defensive formation – yeah yeah I know they’re all nominally a pyramid but there are lots of possible variations there, okay.

It’d be really cool if you could somehow train specific plays and runs too. As much as I’ve played around with the sliders, Valencia and Rafael never overlap the way I want them to. And it’s literally impossible to program a realistic back line cover (eg: when the left full back goes up, the left sided center back shuttles over slightly to cover).

See, I’m working on a new 4-3-3 setup with my united squad (yeah, the one from the 4231 formation) and its painfully frustrating. I’ve had to scrap plans for a proper ball-playing center back since he idiotically strays forward and stays there throughout the match even without the ball. Essentially, I want him to step up with the ball until he’s pressed, at which time he sends out diagonals to full backs/wingers or quick passes to the DLM. Here’s the problem: if his mentality is too defensive, he never steps out. If I combine that with ‘run with ball – often’, he dribbles out and dwells on the ball/tries to dribble past/sends passes backwards.

But oh well, I’m working on that.

I’ve set an interesting lopsided formation to incorporate an interesting Ronaldo-like position of the left with two key differences: no shooting from distance and the player starts out deeper (right winger starts out parallel to the striker, left inside-forward starts out at a traditional winger position). But why does the left IF start there?

Couple of reasons, really. By dropping deeper, the right full back has to either push further up and track the IF or let him sit in the empty area between the opposition’s full back and winger. The latter’s obviously dangerous since the IF seeks to cut in quickly, lay off the ball and break forward to receive it again (and hopefully score). If the full back DOES track my IF though, I set my left wing back to a much higher attacking mentality and let him dash forward on runs into the now vacated area.

Additionally, the center striker and left inside forward are set to swap positions throughout the game, making it much harder to track.

Yeah, I’ll post up the full formation soon. Hopefully when I’m done with the season.

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