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March 10, 2013 by Wayne.

A lot of ambien(t music)

Stars of the Lid, featured on the hit tumblr Swallowed by the Hype Machine

But also, the Indie/Rock March 2013 Playlist just came out. Feels a lot more pop-y than usual. I believe it’s the first time a Dropbox folder is being tried out, and it was pretty funny at the start – a bunch of idiots kept accidentally deleting shit.

And I’m finally getting around to reading (the full collection of) Tintin

Kishi Bashi discography? Check.

Been trying to cut down on the tabs (Tab List tells me I have 59 + 65 + 35 = 159 on Chrome, and a good 40 at least on Opera, plus another 100 or so on Firefox) that I have open. Mostly reading through the long reddit comments, sending off articles to Instapaper (I must have a couple thousand unread ones there), and leaving instructional videos and articles untouched.

Makes me think about the dude that uploaded a 60GB book collection on 4chan – after a certain point, you’re just hoarding shit, not reading. Note to self: finish reading my obscene amount of untouched physical books.

Podcasts? Lots of those fucking guys, Hardcore History, Stuff You Should Know, NPR, Joe Rogan, the works. Mostly audio stuff, sorry Monocle

I’ve been keeping track of the % of rated songs in my iTunes library (roughly) every day since late January/early February. Going to shoot that shit in Excel when I’ve rated everything.

Speaking of podcasts, I’d like an iPod nano to listen to podcasts while I run. Not that I run, but I’ve an idealized concept of running and it entails alternating between power metal and Bob Garfield discussing the features of the New York accent

Yeah, that’d be good

For the summer – DIY synthesizer and guitar pedals

sleepy i’m sleepy

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