SEA Forensics 2013


February 26, 2013 by Wayne.

Soooo this event finished a while back (3 weeks, I think?). Didn’t get around to posting this as quickly as I should have since I’ve been a bit busy.

By busy, do you mean you spent the majority of the month trawling reddit, playing Torchlight 2 and jerking off?

Yes, precisely that

Here’s an awesome picture as an apology for my tardiness

Got that from me Tumblr dashboard, I did.

Tumblr? You have a tumblr page?

Yes, one for music – it’s called Swallowed by the Hype Machine.

Anyhoo, back to forensics.

Andrew and I had the opportunity to adjudicate this year, though Andrew judged a good deal more events than I did (I should have skipped the goddamn Thursday classes too). I thought it was a pretty decent tournament but I also did find a couple of events pretty underwhelming. Original oratory, extemp, and debate all lacked the calibre of the years I participated in. And I also disagreed with quite a number of the final results. ISKL recorded everything yo. So here are some sample clips.


ISKL should definitely have won for me, not KTJ (ALTHOUGH THAT KTJ GIRL WAS REALLY HOT).

Duet Acting

The gold medalists. I thought the ISKL duet team (I think they’re from ISKL) deserved it so, so much more. They had a deep, rich and sophisticated script that was developed perfectly. But hey, everyone either wants to laugh at HIMYM-level comedy or praise people who act crazy (thankfully there wasn’t much of this during this particular tournament). Acting batshit crazy is the easiest fucking thing to do, forchrissakes. Shed your inhibitions like snakeskin and slither into flipping out, and all that jazz

Extemporaneous Speaking

A pretty disappointing event this year. It’s a bit of a stretch to expect highly critical and considered views when contestants only get 30 minutes of prep time (plus they’re high school kids! Have to give them credit where it’s due, they did great considering), but I do wish there had been a Ben Ong or a Reihan (sp?) around. Most of the speeches lacked substance, touching briefly on the surface of the issue without displaying any critical understanding of the complex issues.

For instance:

A typical, one-sided response filled with emotionally charged words and rhetoric to cover up for the weak argument and lack of any concrete analysis.

The Disney bloke won. Like his debate speeches, he mixes an impressive assortment of contorted features (like a Frusciante who’s adapted his O face to express disgust and moral outrage) with full-blown appeals to emotion. Poor content, good delivery. Story of the SEA Forensics this year.


I thought this was the only good speaking event this year! I’ve always enjoyed watching impromptu and admiring the clever on-the-spot thinking displayed by the best speakers.

Most of the speeches were very self-centered unfortunately (self-centeredness seems to be the underlying theme this year) – unfortunately because I don’t give a fuck about people other than myself.

This speech didn’t match the standards set by the other finalists but I’m posting it up because it was goddamn hilarious. He had the most dramatic 30 seconds prep time I’ve EVER seen for any impromptu event ever.

Deserved winner by far. Rambled on a bit about the plot of the novel but looking at the piece as an overall, it clearly trumped every other contestant’s. Flowy delivery, impressively structured and explored the topic better than the other finalists.

I didn’t watch Oral Interpretation, sadly.

Original Oratory

How the hell this didn’t win, I’ll never know. By far the best speech. No reliance on stupid, pretentious and overplayed “look at me, I’m an Indian using an Indian accent as a joke because I actually speak a fluent accent-less English” jokes or a horrible self-centered piece about believing in yourself (or whatever the fuck the gold medalist was rambling and gesticulating like a wild monkey about). This one was an oratory speech like that of old – one of those I’ll remember together with the duct tape, aliens speech and the like.

Also, Andrew hated this one but I liked the girl:

Solo Acting

Definitely deserved to win.

6 thoughts on “SEA Forensics 2013

  1. Ginny says:

    Interesting post. Which was your favorite performance, all in all? Give me your top 3 faves

    • Wayne. says:

      Hullo. Can’t really remember most of them now, but the three that still stand out are:

      ISKL duet acting (the two sisters)
      The gold medalist for solo acting
      Original oratory by Victoria Keogh

      Did you participate?

      • Ginny says:

        I participated 2 years ago. Wasn’t able to attend the event this year so your blog is my saviour! really wanted to watch the finals so thank you! I liked the solo act, did she write it herself or is it a published piece?you judged?

        • Wayne. says:

          Ooh okay. What school were you from? And are you gonna judge/help out next year?

          It was a published piece. Really well done though!

          • Ginny says:

            HK Int. What school were you from? I searched for her script online,wanted to read it – How To Be The Perfect Parent- by Laura Yee or something. I think she wrote half of it. nonetheless, twas good. Thank you again , cheers

            No, pretty busy atm

            • Wayne. says:

              Oh sweet. I was from VI.

              Really? That’s pretty cool. The acting events were generally much stronger than speaking events this year.

              And yeah no prob. Glad you could relive your Forensics experience etc

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