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January 31, 2013 by Wayne.

Obviously, I write appalling lyrics but I decided to step it up a notch and run the lyrics of one my songs through the Google Translate beast several times (24 to be exact) translating between various languages before finally returning it to English.

The original:

Things we talk about in the living room
People we pass by on 82nd Avenue
Thoughts we catch on the way out of
Winter’s quiet cough

While I watched you
From the ground floor gate
You washed your hands and turned off the lights

As you left, you said
I’ll do the same to you
Walked down to the train
And watched as it crept away

Leave me in June
Or come back tomorrow
You are sun-kissed tears in humid nights
I am here, I am
Wherever I belong

Pale lavender and credit cards
And receipts that you’ve left me with
A mess on the coffee table
And scrawlings on the wall

By Thursday, I clear the table
And pass by your window
You nod down and say
Never say that word again

I catch the last train
And wait for my stop to come up.

Post translation:

Channel 82
Winter calm the cough

When the door to the floor
Wash hands with lights

Eyes, he said:
What you need to do
we will
And on the road, he saw a young woman

I would like to meet in June
or open
D. West House
Ok, ok,
If you think!

Loans and Lavender
my income
dining table
Wall and the point

Thursday, removing tablet
Hong Kong
Additionally, you can.

I think it’s brilliant. Love how the D West House and Hong Kong pop out of nowhere.

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