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January 28, 2013 by Wayne.

  1. Coin-operated dryers
  2. Sriracha sauce
  3. Friendly strangers
  4. Poutine
  5. Seasons
  6. Layering
  7. Cycling as a mode of transportation
  8. Chinatown inside a mall
  9. Marble Slab
  10. Bungee jumping inside a mall
  11. Blair’s Ultra Death sauce
  12. A store that sells Common Projects, SNS Herning, Alexander Wang, cb i hate perfume, Robert Geller
  13. That one busker at the Churchill LRT where it connects to City Center and the music bounces off the tunnel and makes it feel like I’m in a movie with a soundtrack playing behind me
  14. Friends
  15. ‘Neighbourhood’ cafes – not sure what you call them – where you can sip on a cinnamon dolce latte, watch the snow powder down outside, listen to the people at the table beside argue about abortion, and realize that you came here 5 hours ago to study and the only thing you’ve done is take out your pencil box
  16. Karaoke places where you can shuffle the goddamn playlist, how hard is that seriously
  17. People studying topless on the lawn
  18. Canada Post makes multiple delivery each day. If I miss that, it takes me 5 minutes to walk to the nearest one and pick up my parcel where they remember me and start checking as soon as they see me
  19. 24/7 delivery that includes pasta and steak
  20. Kijiji that works brilliantly for a lot of things (and not so well for others)
  21. Pho

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