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January 11, 2013 by Wayne.

  1. Finish the Fjallraven classic. The scenery looks incredible and the thought of just going out there, lazing around a tiny campfire and hiking leisurely for 5 days is magical.
  2. Write a critically-acclaimed novel. Or just something that people can connect to in a meaningful way. If I can make a single person feel the way a Franzen/Ishiguro novel makes me feel, I’d be able to die knowing I’ve left my mark.
  3. Learn a shitload of languages: Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Italian
  4. Construct a personal recording studio and fully record a professional sound quality album. Of course, I’d have to pick up drums and bass. And learn to play the guitar and sing properly.
  5. Pick up programming. Become adept in several languages
  6. DIY guitar pedal(s) + pedalboard
  7. Photo albums: (i) Abstract expressionism (ii) People in motion (iii) Street style (iv) Buildings
  8. Open and run a cafe+restaurant+lounge+clothes store (ln-cc x Niche x Da Capo)
  9. Write and/or draw a 200-page graphic novel
  10. 1000 page anti-theism manifesto
  11. Own clothing line
  12. Collection of acrylic paintings
  13. Create a card game yo (not a TCG, something that can be picked up quickly ala Saboteurs)

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