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January 7, 2013 by Wayne.

You know, 2012 was a pretty great year for movies. Let’s hope 2013 continues in the same vein.

I should mention that this is also the year for the last season of Breaking Bad as well as (probably) the last season of Community. Oh, plus Arrested Development is making a long, long awaited comeback. BB and Community are two of my favorite TV series ever, so hopefully some new series pop up to match their brilliance. It’s a golden era for TV shows at the moment.

These are some of the movies I’m looking forward to in 2013:

  1. Django Unchained
  2. Lincoln
  3. Hitchcock
  4. Great Gatsby
  5. The Hobbit 2
  6. Kick-Ass 2
  7. Thor 2
  8. The Wolverine
  9. Stoker
  10. Man of Steel
  11. Iron Man 3
  12. Gravity
  13. John Dies at the End
  14. Warm Bodies
  15. The Croods
  16. This is the End
  17. 300: Rise of an Empire
  18. Riddick
  19. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2
  20. The World’s End
  21. Ender’s Game
  22. In Your Eyes

Plenty of fun mainstream stuff there. Anticipating a great barrage of indie/lesser known films too – 2012 had some truly amazing ones (Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Safety Not Guaranteed etc).

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