Windows 8 Apps List!

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January 1, 2013 by Wayne.

For games: please refer to the next post (note – link will only be active on the 3rd of January onwards).

An asterisk * next to an application’s name indicates that you’ll have to fork out cashmoneys

    • 7-zip – Opens rar,zip etc
    • Adobe Lightroom* – The closest replacement I could find to Aperture.
    • Audacity – For basic audio editing
    • Auslogics Disk Defrag – Unless you have an all-SSD rig, you’d probably benefit from this app
    • CCleaner – The registry cleaner may be a bit wonky but everything else runs great. Clears your comp of excess garbage and the uninstaller works a treat – it lists out more apps than Revo Uninstaller, for starters.
    • CDisplay – Essential for viewing comic files (which typically come in cbr or cbz). Technically, you could just change the extension to .rar, unpack it and view the individual jpgs but eh this takes a few seconds to install.
    • Dropbox – s’all about the cloud
    • Evernote – Some hail it as the best GTD manager/life organize. I mostly use it for random notes.
    • Firefox – Used to be my browser of choice but it’s since been relegated to the bench
    • GIMP – An excellent free Photoshop replacement. More than adequate for my image editing needs since I don’t edit shit anyway
    • Google Chrome – My primary browser, I have ~100 tabs open at any one time
    • Google Drive – Since Drive is so closely integrated in Chrome (especially with that new extension I got), having the folder set up on your computer isn’t THAT much more convenient. But it helps. Plus you get to view stuff when you’re offline.
    • Guitar Pro* – The latest version is really good.
    • ImgBurn
    • iTunes – I like the latest version of iTunes. The mini-player is great and everything feels sleeker and less of a massive resource hog.
    • Libre Office – Great free alternative to Office. Less bloated too.
    • MagicISO
    • Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware – This plus the inbuilt Windows Defender is fine for me
    • Microsoft Office 2013 preview – It’s completely free.
    • MP3 Gain – Works much, much better than iTunes’ sound normalizer. Works better than its Mac counterpart too
    • Notepad++ – prorororagamming
    • Opera – When I want to search something real quick, I start Opera in Turbo Mode.
    • PDFCreator
    • qBittorrent – After the debacle about uTorrent, most people seem to recommend Deluge or this. qBit is fine for my needs.
    • Reaper* – DAW of choice for plenty of folks and for good reason. Cheap, fairly intuitive interface and impressive features.
    • Resoph Notes – Very handy application for keeping track of a bunch of notes/lists. Best of all, it syncs with the Simplenote server so I can use Simplenote on my iPhone
    • Skype – Man, you can stick to your Oovoo, I’m going for the one where all my contacts are on
    • Steam – Necessary for a lot games. My only gripe is the whole can’t-play-offline shtick. Non-invasive DRM is all very fine but my internet connection is pretty shitty aite, don’t punish me for it.
    • SumatraPDF – Get this instead of adobe reader

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