My list of PC apps!

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January 1, 2013 by Wayne.

By no means a comprehensive list, but these are the applications that work for me. (Note: If there’s an asterisk * next to the name, you’ll have to pay for that shit dawg)

  • 7-zip – rar, zip etc? Use this.
  • Adobe Lightroom* – I used to use Aperture on my MBP, this is the closest replacement to it I could find. Clean workflow, smooth and intuitive etc.
  • Anki – I haven’t used it yet but I’ve been wanting to for months. I can tell it’s great anyway. Download it!
  • Audacity – Decent enough audio editor for quick brush ups/clipping etc.
  • Auslogics Disk Defrag – Unless you’re running a pure SSD rig, this will be a welcome app.
  • Battle for Wesnoth – A free open source turn-based strategy.  Really fun, gets super detailed and there are tons of add-ons for new campaigns and maps. You can even play it in multiplayer mode online. Used to play it a lot on my Mac, there’s also an iOS version (and Android too, I think?).
  • CCleaner – If you wanna keep your comp nice and clean, run CCleaner. The Uninstaller works better than Revo Uninstaller too (well, it displays a more complete list of apps at least). A word of caution though – using the registry cleaner can screw up some stuff, so either stay away from it (doesn’t clean much anyway) or keep a backup of your settings.
  • CDisplay – Free cbr and cbz viewer for all yer comic files.
  • Dropbox – Store your shiz up in the cloud.
  • Evernote – Some people swear on it as a life changer. I use it sparingly. It’s good though.
  • Far Cry 3* – Currently playing this a lot. Do I think the people behind the game were right in defending it as a parody of (racist/sexist) tropes? Not really. If it’s subtle enough to fly over the heads of 99% of the people playing it, you might want to make it a tad more obvious. Fun game regardless.
  • Firefox – Formerly my browser of choice. Now, though, Chrome feels a lot snappier and Firefox’s been relegated to the bench. Still good though. I prefer the way it handles tabs too, Chrome’s shrink-to-nothing approach is really annoying.
  • FreeOrion – Another free game I downloaded from SourceForge.
  • GIMP – More than capable Photoshop alternative for me. And it’s free!
  • Google Chrome – Currently my primary browser. Due to the huge amount of tabs I’ve been hoarding, I tend to launch Opera/Firefox etc for a quick session though.
  • Google Drive – I’ve been using Google Docs a lot lately. Not totally essential (it’s even easier to access online than Dropbox, being so tightly integrated with Chrome) but it’s convenient.
  • Irfanview – Xee was amazing on my Mac. Irfanview is the closest replacement I’ve found, but it’s still lacking in many ways. Wish someone would port Xee over.
  • iTunes – I talked very briefly about this on the last post. Basically, it’s much improved. And if you have an iPod/iPhone, it’s still the easiest way to keep everything synced.
  • MagicISO
  • Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware – This plus the default Windows Defender (and common sense) are enough for me.
  • MP3 Gain – The original! Much, much, MUCH better than the Mac version. Add in your entire library of tunes into it and it’ll normalize the volume levels better than iTunes’ stupid SoundCheck or whatever it’s called.
  • Microsoft Office preview – Dude. You can get Office for free. Why not.
  • Notepad++ – Write me some code biatch
  • Opera – Even without Turbo switched on, Opera is fast. When I want a quick session to search a couple of things, Opera is my go-to browser.
  • PDFCreator – Necessary.
  • qBittorrent – Plenty of people jumped over to this and Deluge after the uTorrent screw up. Fairly lightweight, has all the features I want.
  • RealTemp – Not a controller or anything, just lets you see the temperature.
  • ResophNotes – I use Simplenote on my iPhone a lot and this lets you sync with the server. I still prefer Notational Velocity but it’s a Mac-only app.
  • SumatraPDF – Faster than the Adobe Reader and has a host of features.
  • Skype – You can Oovoo all you want, I’m just getting the one with the most people I know on it.
  • Steam – Necessary for a bunch of games and offers quick access (plus lots of discounts) for plenty of others.
  • Virtual Clone Drive

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