Windows 8 – Task Manager!

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December 31, 2012 by Wayne.

I recently purchased a new bitching PC, detailed in a previous post (click to read). While I rambled a bit about Windows 8 in it, I left out a couple of things. For instance, the task manager! I actually took screenshots so check them out:


The ‘Processes’ screen is the first one you see when you launch Task Manager. Google Chrome is being a bit of a hog here (~100 tabs open to be fair) but Steam and iTunes aren’t too far behind.

Incidentally, I like the new iTunes. It’s clean, the ‘Up Next’ feature is brilliant, and everything feels much smoother in general. The new mini-player is also highly convenient, you can do everything from rate a song to check out the upcoming songs right from it. iTunes still drains a fair amount of memory though. Then again, I’m fine running Chrome, Opera, iTunes and Far Cry 3 simultaneously without any hanging/lag/stuttering whatsoever, so it’s nothing to worry about too much.


Anyway, this breakdown in the Task Manager is much better than the previous iterations. But wait, there’s more!




Tada! The ‘Performance’ tab is a great way to watch your disks, memory and CPU work hard to let you shoot that pirate in the gut from 20 feet away.





And of course, it provides you with the standard detailed breakdown of all running processes. All in all, a much improved Task Manager this time round!




As a bonus, here’s a screenshot of Disk Management! Yeah okay nothing much has changed, just wanted to show my new ass empty external hard drives. Successfully completed transferring and shifting all that data plus reformatted the drives within about 2 days, not too bad.

Next post: What apps should I get for my brand new PC?

But first, happy new year everyone! Planning a lot of personal changes for 2013, will be interesting to see how well it all works out. Well, happy celebrations, don’t stay too sober etc

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