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December 29, 2012 by Wayne.

Things I am willing to spend money on:

  1. Clothes. High prices aren’t an indicator of quality, but unfortunately you can’t find high quality at low prices (unless you luck out on a sale, get 2nd hand etc)
  2. Shoes. Okay, so technically this should go into the first category but a huge majority of Malaysian men wear ugly as hell shoes. Even the wannabe hipsters jacking the skinny coloured chinos and vest/patterned shirt combos trend way too late (don’t even start on the stupid huge ass logo polos or the varsity jackets)
  3. Food. K this one is a bit different. In my opinion, Malaysia is pretty dire when it comes to restaurants. Sure, we have some great street food but 99% of the time, the food in an air-conditioned establishment is sub-par or worse. I can’t think of a single place that has a cohesive menu, food that both tastes good and doesn’t cost rm100 for a spoonful, and consistent quality (both across the menu and throughout the year).
  4. Music shiz. It sucks that guitar pedals, audio interfaces etc are so expensive but it’s necessary to cough up the dough. Can’t download it yo. And saving RM50 on some wah pedal from China isn’t a real alternative at all. In this case, I’m forced to spend (more) money.


Shit that I will most definitely not pay a premium for:

  1. Cars. Seriously do not give a fuck. It’s a mode of transportation. 
  2. Watches. They’re more convenient than constantly whipping out my phone, so they do have a small utilitarian purpose. Everything else is cosmetic. I want something simple and sleek (Skagen, Uniform Wares etc) and I’m not going to spend RM30k or whatever ridiculous amount people spend for it to become a status symbol.
  3. Art. I wish I could link all the articles about the circlejerk the art world has become but that shit was on Firefox on my old laptop. Anyway, it’s the easiest way for rich pissants to throw money at and literally display their wealth.

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