Let me envision that then there

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December 20, 2012 by Wayne.

Said I grew on ya but did I let you know that you went on to articulations and showing the places we went to but without the stipulations and could you walk to the left of the sidewalk so we don’t have to trudge through the grounds of the people leaning on broken lamp posts and it’s not like I know about going home or leaving it alone and walking and thinking about trying hard to be happy when I never really do a good job at pretending the falling notes don’t break open like cicadas in the sticky weather of endorphins and flies on the walls on pills on grubby mouths talking taking but without the laxative for the unformed thoughts saying I adore you and I want to enter your cavern which is a metaphor for me wanting to fuck you opening without persuasion and dancing to broken lamp posts the sound of stipulations and when we thought of the lack of division and you grew on me but your one sided spiel caught me in your solution guess I’m not the net or the captain when the tusks turned a dead red with the feeling of coming home on the latest mornings or the vibration of bad news saying talking later or tomorrow or maybe the end of the week without saying fuck your stipulations though you could tell me now or I will shiver and tense up thinking about the connection or wondering what when and you will say all the broken thoughts and pressing you against the bed and you say there when all the which came through the shaking elevator and maybe is that you were scared and i said fuck you and then the pushed down and the stipulations slapped your fucking mouth and clenched it shut anyway fuck you and lamp post and sidewalks and broken articulations and take me home or then I will endorphins which you were pretending to be from the classroom at the back of the hall where you had to walk through the long hallway painted in shadowing grey and pressed lips and against the wall with hands and uninformed thoughts when you said don’t break open and the grubby light fell to the door opening sounds and you said push away maybe then it was that the person which walked to when we came anyway back down to the broken sidewalks and the places we went to looked at me and smiled and said maybe stabbing you stabbing you and then sweating and wondering then we went to eat.


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