“Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon”

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December 19, 2012 by Wayne.

Dear diary,
I am not quite sure what I am writing most of the time but I have a feeling everything is a reference or a derivation of a reference. I understand the distinction between philosophical and literary postmodernism and yet this knowledge is again derived from an analysis of the said movements, so again this is a reference to a reference.

In addition, I appreciate the levels of abstraction needed to challenge the existing foundations and thus you are, instead of being a literal diary, a proxy of my readers who each engage the written word in different ways, creating a hypothetically infinite number of different works from a single article although really that number is 2 or 10 or whatever the number of my readers actually is.

Anyway I was wondering, am I a post-po-mo writer? While we all want to avoid labels, even Philip Glass ended Einstein on the Beach with ‘Switzerland, 1905’ to give a sort of reference framework without which the movement would be left to float around like some abysmal jumble of words to be skimmed through and cherry picked by liberals and Christians. So please help me categorize myself!

Dear writer,
You are a twat

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