Study week is over!

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December 18, 2012 by Wayne.

What a shame. I was getting into such a nice routine too. It’s amazing how much time going to uni sucks up. Head there for a 3 hour lecture and boom whole day gone.

A typical day of study week:

Wake at 9, set alarm for 9.05, repeat until 9.30
Wash up, breakfast
Feel sleepy as fuck, watch Ray Mears / Kitchen Nightmares / X-Men Evo on MyTube until I feel more awake
Time for lunch!
Post-lunch carb sleepiness sets in, watch shit on MyTube again but it doesn’t help
Take a nap
Feel dizzy after waking, add shit from Flipboard to instapaper
Drink coffee
Read notes for half an hour
Read Reddit for an hour
Dinner time!
Feel sleepy – whatsapp
Watch football / play Football Manager / play Inotia 4 / MyTube
Fuck me it’s 2am
Quick internal pep talk to affirm that I will indeed score 100 for each exam

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