Big bad wolf Book Sale!

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December 7, 2012 by Wayne.

First of all, it’s an absolute bitch going to mines convention center via the KTM. We had to wait an hour for the train. It’s also incredibly annoying typing on the phone (laptop’s still dead) so this will be brief.

BBW! Semi-decent selection. A bit comparable to last year except there was an absolute dearth of dummy/idiot books which I kind of missed. Would be nice to have the Teach Yourself series too but beggars choosers etc etc etc.

Were there any good books? Well…yes. But not a lot. In many ways, the BBW sale is the world’s largest collection of shitty books. Similar to last year, there were plenty of dire reject-level books. The difference is I wasn’t stupid enough to give them a chance this year.

In case you didn’t see the featured picture, here is what I got:


Naturally, all of these are highly recommended. They’ve all been floating around my ‘to buy’ list in my head for some time now, so yeahhh getting them for rm8 each was an absolute fucking steal.

There were a couple of other really good books that I saw too, I didn’t get them cos I already have em. They include The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (so many of them lying around at rm8!), American Gods (I saw a solitary one), Nation, Unseen Academicals (both by terry Pratchett), Jonathan Norell & Mr Strange and er. Hmm. Well, classics too, so there’s Picture of Dorian Grey etc. Oh yeah, and a bunch of ken follet (sp?) books – Pillars of the Earth etc – as well as The Road. On the non-fiction side, nothing really stood out. Superfreakonomics was on sale though.

And a lot of Le Carré.

All in all, it was marginally better than last year’s outing. Somewhat on par with Popular’s sale if only because of the lower price point. Popular did have a better selection though.

Worth it? Yeah, of course. Rm114 for 14 books I wanted was an absolute steal. In addition, I spent hours there reading graphic novels. They had avengers vs x-men which really shocked me until I realized it was the dark avengers storyline. Also, some random collections from the Seige storyline etc etc. Not bad at all, really.

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