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December 6, 2012 by Wayne.

Tomorrow, big bad wolf sale!

I hereby pledge to only buy the books that I’ve already had my eye on for ages. The list of books I’ve yet to read is staggering.

In fact, here are some of the books that I currently have bookmarks in:
1. Isn’t it pretty to think so?
2. The big questions
3. More money than god
4. How we decide
5. The world’s greatest idea
6. The artist and the mathematician
7. The gospel according to coco Chanel
8. Inverting the pyramid
9. A random walk down wall street
10. Fooled by randomness
11. What are you optimistic about?
12. Cloud atlas
13. Kafka on the shore
14. Theatre of the mind
15. The history of western philosophy
16. The pillars of the earth

Actually, I have no idea where new purchases are going to go, my shelves are already double-stacked to the brim.

On a slight tangent, it would be absolutely fantastic if I could stop time. This has always been my answer to the ‘what superpower would you want’ question because holy shit, it’s the best damn one. I could pause time, steal all the money I could possibly want, build a cozy house with windmills to generate electricity which is used solely to spray a fine mist of water around the area. You know, to cool it down and shit.

Then there’d be a recording studio, a computer den with 4 monitors and a bitching sound system, and a library with robotic librarians. Everything would be tagged for easy retrieval and scanned into a LAN database so I can easily open any book/page immediately on my computer.

Also, I’d use the time to pause and read all these damn books. And, of course, carry out multiple felonies, sexual crimes and other obvious activities that come with the territory.

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