Coincidentally, Fuck You (Demo 1)

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November 5, 2012 by Wayne.

Couple of notes:

Recorded this on Photo Booth around February 2012. Recently ripped the audio and added some reverb via Garage Band. Was going to properly record a demo but my Inspire 1394 kind of burned out. And I need a cable anyway.


Well, fear is not a friend
It comes around at night, it wraps me in its arms,
It tell me that it’s right.
Right to trust this thing, right to just give in
Right to just not fight.
Then it leaves before I wake
It leaves through dreams and sleep
While I whisper out your name.

Can I still come in?
Can you still see me, the way I used to be
I say this to my face
But it turns away, there’s nothing it needs to say
Cos I’ve done this all before
And nothing’s really changed
But don’t count on me to learn.

And now I understand why you recoiled in grace
From the promise of safety
Because you saw through my dreams and my cute magazines
So you left me here.
Yeah, you left me here.

When I am weak
Please pump that shit right through, shoot it through my veins
A dis-ease I can’t laugh off
Cos I turn to my blind spot
For the only place you’re not,
Not watching me devolve
Darling, you’re so wise.
Was drawn in by your advice
And now you let me drown
Drown in these thoughts of you.

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