Blood&Matter – Avec Mes Mecs

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October 30, 2012 by Wayne.

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Old review back at the Gateway, University of Alberta. 4th October 2010.

Avec Mes Mecs is a deliciously sick album, which is to say it’s very good.

But what does it sounds like? It’s essentially Sally Shapiro except with a de-emphasis of the vocals and missing Shapiro’s saccharine pop sound. It’s a shifting, quasi-minimalistic album that echoes the lite-dubstep sensibilities of The xx, although they opt out of the pessimistic melancholy lyrics.

Throbbing synth-bass trades aural footholds with beeps and claps in the intense titular song which opens the album, and the rest of the EP is forced to play musical catch-up. The second song — “Mon Ton Ton” — is comparatively dull. It’s immediately followed by “Mon Ton Ton 2,” which very much deserves to stand alone without the odious “2” tagged at the end of its name, like a meagre Hollywood sequel. All that said, you do not listen to this album through pissant-quality earbuds while “multitasking” with a textbook spread open in front of you. Put that Sociology 100 shit away. This album demands to be pumped out of speakers at an unhealthily loud level.

Truth be told, though, the first title track is still the subjective best. Catchy groove aside, it bites and snarls like the electronic bastard child of Arcade Fire. Good stuff. These chaps are from Vancouver and they have some fascinatingly promising tracks on this EP. If you’re into electro-tunes, Humans should work their way into your playlists.

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